Flower Buds

Five flash fiction stories set in the world of Flower's Fang.

Flower Buds 1-5 small

Snow for dtf

Snow Flower: A Flower's Fang Prequel

A runt pup must learn to face her fears and stand up to the pack bully.

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Flower's Fang

A magic-less Prince and a young she-wolf must save the Empire from a pack of rebels before it is too late.

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Flowers curse for ebook

Flower's Curse: Flower's Fang Book 2

An outcast Prince and his runt bonded must stop a mad sorcerer from ripping the world in two.

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The Dragon Tax

Sybil Dragonsbane suspected of aiding and abetting the escape of a dragon wanted for tax evasion. A reward is offered for the capture of Sybil and her red-haired companion.

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Dragons Ahoy: Dragon Tax Book 2

Kill the dragon at X marks the spot if you ever want to see your red-haired friend Ray alive again.

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Poppy and the Great Expo

Half-bat hybrid Poppy wants nothing more than to enjoy a day out at the newly opened Great Exhibition with her father, an Inspector with the Scotland Yard. But when a bear hybrid is accused of murdering his best friend on the floor of the Crystal Palace, Poppy and her father race to prove the bear innocent.

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